June 2024

DOE Spent Fuel Management Program Update

January 2024

Insight from International Host Communities

Hear from current and former officials from Finland and Sweden for an informational webinar on their interest in hosting a permanent repository for spent nuclear fuel in their communities. Join us January 29 to learn more!

September 2023

Influences and Narrative around the U.S. Spent Fuel Program

Hear what the experts have to say about how spent fuel reprocessing and recycling, clean energy and climate goals, and other shifting influences are shaping the dialogue around spent fuel management. Join us September 15 to learn more!

June 2023

DOE's Funding Opportunity and Consent-based Siting Webinar

DOE representatives joined SFS and the SONGS CEP on June 15, 2023, to share information about the 13 consortia receiving $26 million in funding to support outreach related to consent-based siting for consolidated interim storage. Watch the video to learn more about this significant milestone and what’s next.

March 2023

International Best Practices Webinar

Curious about other countries’ successful spent fuel management programs? We spoke with experts from Canada, Finland and Sweden about these international best practices and the current status of their efforts to site deep geologic repositories. Watch the webinar below!

October 2022

U.S. DOE Funding Opportunity Announcement Webinar

Consent-based siting has proven successful in other countries, and DOE has taken the first steps toward this type of program in the United States. Dr. Kim Petry, DOE’s Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, joined us to share details about a funding opportunity to help communities learn more about spent fuel storage.